1. What is MixNauten?
    MixNauten – Global Music Distribution is an european music distribution company based in Italy, offering labels and indipendent musicians everything they need to sell, manage and monetise their music online. A user-friendly and simple platform, helping them to sell their music  around the world in all major digital stores and streaming services, whether mobile or desktop. Our core purpose is to put global digital distribution in the hands of all artists and labels.
  2. Who is MixNauten?
    MixNauten team is made up of differents nationalities and including Dj’s, musicians, producers, designer and marketing manager; each of them with decades of experience.
  3. How much does MixNauten cost?
    Subscription to MixNauten is totally free; our tools are availalble for your lifetime and for free as soon as you have released your first single or album! Once it’s live, the artist will keep up to 80% of the revenues generated by the sales of his creations.
  4. Can anyone be distributed by MixNauten?
    Any labels or unsigned artist, music band or musician can distribute their music through MixNauten.
  5. Where can I sell my music?
    We cooperate with some of the biggest digital music download companies in the world, including iTunes, AOL, Rhapsody, eMusic, Amazon, Napster, Traxsource, Dj Tunes, Beatport…untill 350 + major stores, including local & specific platforms,  in 240 territories. We are constantly increasing our network of stores, and we are always exploring new ways to promote our labels. Our team monitors all ranges ensuring the delivery of your catalog with quality and safety to our entire network of worldwide stores.
  6. What type of contract do you offer?
    MixNauten offers an entirely non exclusive distribution agreement, so you keep all of your rights. By using MixNauten, you are simply granting us the non-exclusive rights to sell your album on the services and in the countries you select.
  7. When and how are royalties paid on MixNauten?
    Your royalties are available each quarter, based on the following schedule:
    1st Quarter (January, February, March) Availability May 15.
    2st Quarter (April, May, June) –Availability August 15.
    3st Quarter (July, August, September)-Availability November 15.
    4st Quarter (October, November, December)-Availability February 15.
  8. How can I get an update as to how my label is selling?
    Using our “Music Manager Tool” you can see the amount of sales and royaltyies of every quarter. We provide two different quarter report:
    1) Quarter Details Report (Countries, Artists, Album, Tracks, Daily quantity)
    2) Quarter Earning (Gross revenue).
    If your sales reach the threshold that is listed in the agreement you can request payment and you will receive emails acknowledging your request followed by prompt payment. If your label does not reach that threshold, theamount will carry over to following quarter until you reach the threshold that was agreed upon. The sales showed are GROSS before our fees, store fees, voided transactions, mechanical withholdings, and any additional processing fees and are only from retailer partners that report the sales. No distribution company is able to provide actual sales data for each and every partner out there on a daily or even weekly basis simply because not all partners provide the information for distribution companies to be able to pass down to you. Some stores work with 1, 2 and several with 3 months of delay, and what you sell will be reflected in the next pay period.
  9. Music copyright infringement:
    You are not allowed to upload songs to our platform or to your account if you do not own the copyright to them. In other words, to use copyrighted material such as productions, remixes, cover versions, lyrics, and so on, you need written permission from copyright holders. Because of the vast distribution range of our service, it is almost certain that if you make unauthorized use of copyrighted material, you will run the risk of copyright infringement. As MixNauten is only a digital distributor of your songs, you have a personal responsibility to copyright holders and public authorities.